My Name: Nicole Commodore

High School:  Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep., 2004

College/Major:  University of Virginia, Foreign Affairs/Bioethics

Favorite Class/Activity:  My favorite class was Biology: Survival for the New Millenium. My Favorite activity is having a great dinner with friends

Most memorable college experience to date: My spring break trip to Paris, France

Favorite way to relax:  Watching a good movie

Favorite book: Kaffir by Mark Mathabane

My dream profession:  Obtaining a Masters in Bioethics and then attending law school

Future plans:  Bioethist Lawyer

Key insight to college freshmen:  Realize college is a short portion of your life, so don't let it pass you by.

My hero:  My Grandmother! She is always ther for her family and loves us unconditionally.